Refining my team.

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Refining my team.

Post  sovereign_72 on Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:36 am

Have done a bit of refining and have come up with the following.

B: Goddard, Enright, H. Shaw, Hodge, Malceski, Ladson ,Waters (Maguire, Davis)

M: Dal Santo, Selwood, Vince, Cooney, Trengrove, Martin (Barlow, Bastinac)

R: Sandilands, Tippett (R Warnock, Lobbe)

F: Riewoldt, Pavlich, Franklin, Hall, Murphy, Dangerfield, Rockliff (Gumbleton, Podsiadly)

Am fairly happy with it.

My question marks are over :

Malceski - Was a 400 -550k player pre-injury, this could be his year to be back.
Hall - Used to be a premo before a screw went loose in Sydney, hopefully it has been tightened back up.
Murphy - If, and it is a big if, he can stay fit a possible 500k player for just over 300k.

I am also a little worried about my benches being thin but will wait till round 1 to decide on them.

I have pretty much taken out ROK replaced with Murphy and upgraded my rucks to solid contibutors.

What do you all think?


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Re: Refining my team.

Post  bonnie doon thirds on Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:37 pm

Good solid team overall mate. Yes there are a few question marks but every team has them. At least you realise where the possible issues are and hopefully you have a strategy to fix it if things go bad. Although you have some players in there that i wouldnt take i still like the side however i would seriously look at the Hall / Murphy combo. Both have possible upsides but both are risks which is generally fine but combine that with the fact they are on the same team and will play close together it doubles the risk. I am certainly not suggesting that you HAVE to change them but maybe look at Ziebell as an option for one of them. I like Hall more than Murphy, Murphy has promised us a lot for years and never delivered.

Good team overall mate, Well done.
bonnie doon thirds
bonnie doon thirds

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