Transform Your Billiard Play Like The Pros With These Three Tips

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Transform Your Billiard Play Like The Pros With These Three Tips Empty Transform Your Billiard Play Like The Pros With These Three Tips

Post  vipluis on Sat Jan 15, 2011 7:33 am

The one thing you should do, aside from playing and practicing often, is to take billiards tips in small doses. Just like with anything else, too much analysis can lead to paralysis and who needs that! It can also result in mystification, due to your mind still sifting through the new information. It's essential for you to do some analyzing and it's not tricky to do an analysis, and then convert those analyses into body and muscle memory. Billiards is a game of superior motor control and judgment of ball position, based on experience. This article serves up several excellent billiards tips that will not overload your brain or cause confusion.

You need to have your head and overall mental attitude and outlook firing on all cylinders in order to get the best results in your billiards games. You know how to make the shots, most people do, but it is the mental aspect that challenges most people. It's important that you learn to block out the majority of the world around you as you begin playing billiards. Put your focus on the current shot rather than planning the next shot. Ignore everything else, the entire room, train your mind on the shot alone. Since there are so many other distractions happening when you are playing in a tournament it's imperative that you master the art of training your mind. It's often said that affecting follow of the cue by hitting it above center is best. There are of course other methods to handling follow through. Try using a more refined approach of striking the cue with a fluid motion and following through. Yes, you can use the short impact above the ball center like you always have. Your accuracy and control will improve if you are not above center and your hand and arm are relaxed and follow through is smooth.

One particularly important billiards tip concerns your grip position on the cue. Regardless of the cue you are using, you must find the point of balance for your cue. Taller players typically grip the cues just behind this balance point during play since they've noted the balance point of the cue to work to their advantage. Shorter players will grip the cue a little closer to the balance point. It is easy to find the balance point of any cue stick if you know what to look for.

As you can see from this article, it is crucial to developing your game that you learn billiards tips as much as possible. The game of billiards can be won with the confidence and poise you will gain as your knowledge base increases. That only makes sense because we all tend to be more comfortable when we are more familiar with something.


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