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iTOK got my Computer running again Empty iTOK got my Computer running again

Post  vipluis on Mon Jan 17, 2011 6:40 pm

I guess it is time that I made contact with with iTOK. It has been quite a few time since I bought my personal computer. It has supplied me with excellent service for more than a year. In fact, it has become an bundled part of my life and I basically cannot imagine spending an individual day without it. I make use of it during the daybreak to check my email messages and reply to all of them. I additionally use my computer for a number of jobs like sustaining my funds and playing games too. Consequently, you are able to well envision my predicament when the personal computer broke down. It was functioning alright till that specific day when it refused to boot up to the principle Windows display.

I have limited understanding of computers also it was beyond my means to check out anything at all apart from the cabling. These were all correctly linked and there appeared no problems with them. I also inspected the wires carefully to view whenever they were frayed or if rodents had gnawed them, but discovered nothing amiss. Because over a year had passed since I had purchased my computer, the guarantee was no longer relevant. The toughest portion of the tale is the fact that I had relocated to a different city, which didn't possess any branch of the shop from where I'd bought my Personal computer.

Hunting through the yellow pages, I got hold of a number of businesses that undertake computer repairs. It had been late at night when I started calling them up. On the majority of situations I was welcomed with a recorded message asking for me to keep my details and the character of my problem. The recorded voices reassured me that someone or the other would certainly get in contact with me the next business day. In case I forgot to inform you, this issue transpired on a Friday. This suggested that I'd have to hold back for 2 more days before any personal computer organization would attend my phone and then arrange to send over some pc professional.

It had been merely at this moment, while I had been busy scanning the newspapers for additional contacts that a buddy of mine got into contact with me. Upon hearing my predicament, he recommended me to get in touch with iTOK. Frankly speaking, I had never been aware of them prior to. However, I trust my friend. As per his propositions, I got in touch with iTOK. The person at the opposite end was very polite and took a few minutes listening to my problem. He then informed me to undertake a particular routine, which would lead me to some screen with a number of choices on it.

I became delighted to view this particular display screen. The person at the opposite end told me to choose the alternative `restore to last known working session.’ I performed thus and wow… the personal computer was alive again. The individual additionally informed me that they may also resolve any problems from remote and when necessary send over a qualified pc professional. I'm now a passionate iTOK fan.


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