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Post  vipluis on Sat Jan 15, 2011 7:47 am

Mechanical engineering is the set of knowledge related to mechanical, physical sense (science of movement) and in the technical sense (the study of mechanisms). This field of knowledge ranges from product design to mechanical recycling of the latter by the way, of course, by the manufacture, maintenance, etc..

Engineering is the science and profession that has been applying the principles of physics to design and manufacture propulsion systems and the generation and transmission power. Additionally, the design of systems that do not involve motion and power transfer is the subject of engineering where systems are subject to high pressure and / or high temperature. The mechanical engineer trained in the first two years of study (among others) in mathematical analysis, engineering design, manufacturing systems, deformable body mechanics, kinematics, dynamical systems, numerical control thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, materials science, measurement systems, modeling and calculation systems to PC etc. (example In the coming years to deepen the methodology of science of mechanical engineering for the development, design, manufacturing, implementation, operation of mechanical systems. Eveyday in our society is demand new engineering to imporve our life and weekday, it is not the easiest way but one of the safest.

As professional engineers apply these skills as well as national, European and international standards, codes, regulations, as well as the expertise of industry, planning, design, construction and analysis as well as operations and maintenance units, industrial equipment, refrigeration systems and heating, internal combustion engines, aircraft, ships and submarines, robots, medical devices, etc. (partial list).

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