Which way do it go?

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Which way do it go?

Post  wardie on Tue May 11, 2010 4:19 am

Back- Hodge, Enight, Goddard, H.Shaw, Davis, Mal, Hunt (Nason, Salvani)

Mid - GAJ, Selwood, Trengove, Judd, Barlow, Martin (Kayler-Thompson, howlett)

Ruck - Sandi, Nic nat (Warnock, Lobe)

For - Pav, ROK, Higgins, Brennan, Hall, K.Tippet, J.Z (Gumby, Roberts)

Ok so i have BRENNAN and it seems like there are a lot of cheap premiums in the forwards currently, notable GOODES, BROWN and L.DAVIS if you can call DAVIS and GOODES premiums anymore, question is do we wait a few weeks and use cover then get them when they bottom right out or is now the time to go with the form some of the forwards I have are in i.e. HALL (b/e 180 i think), J.Z (will keep as he has to improve!)

I am thinking of going HALL - DAVIS this week, sitting BRENNAN on the bench and getting GOODES in 2 weeks when he bottoms out and we can potentially make $$ on the trade as he has the 25 in his rolling average.

Other option is to get DAVIS in the mids for TRENGOVE who has a b/e of 87 this week and it will only cost about 45k which considering they were over 400k apart at the start of the season might be worth while and leave BROWN and GOODES to come into my forward line when the time is right.

I have 185k and 16 trades left and should be able to do all 3 of these trades without making a downgrade anywhere else.

Essentially would be


I guess timing is everything tho.

Thoughts would be appreciated! As i know lots of us see better options in each others teams we have not even thought of.


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Re: Which way do it go?

Post  Get Well Barlow21 on Tue May 11, 2010 8:37 am

I would do Hall-Davis and Brennan to Brown. Theres better options in the middle for only a little
more than goodes like Hayes [$495,000] and Selwood [$521,000]. I would trade Trengove for one of them.
Get Well Barlow21
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